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We provide access to a large selection of products and services for rhythmic gymnastics. Customer service is our priority and we will continue to grow our inventory to provide the best selection available. 

The Founder, Jenny

about the Founder

Hello, my name is Jenny and I am the proud founder of Everything Rhythmic Gymnastics. 
From a young age, I had fallen in love with this beautiful sport but I quickly learned of the difficulties that came with it. Rhythmic gymnastics classes and equipment were in limited supply and hard to come by. The truth was hard to face but in America gymnastics was not a priority and so it made finding even the simplest of things like information almost impossible. 
As the years went by and nothing changed I had decided I would put my own efforts into turning my dream to reality. With the help of my close friends and support from the gymnastics community Everything Rhythmic Gymnastics was born. 

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