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To improve the service, experience, and awareness for all things rhythmic gymnastics.

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Search rhythmic gymnastics gyms. Find the schedule, pricing, directions, contact information and more. 

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Creating in-depth articles, videos, and guides to help educate the rhythmic gymnastics community. 

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We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

We provide access to a large selection of products and services for rhythmic gymnastics. Customer service is our priority and we will continue to grow our inventory to provide the best selection available. 

Team Jenerg

about Jenerg

Our company goal is to help make gymnastics information and equipment more accessible. 
We developed Jenerg to be used as a platform to help gymnastics grow. Users and business’s now have the ability to search or list details about their business, products, and services. 
Our team comprises of specialists in Marketing, Business Management, SEO, Web Development, and E-Commerce with a deep history in gymnastics.
Having so much love for this sport drove us to commit to our dreams and build a platform dedicated to helping everyone involved. 

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