Music Service FAQ

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When do I receive my order?

Your music order will be delivered to you 3 business days after your scheduled order date via google drive folder.

How do I receive my order?

Your order is delivered to via a secure google drive folder which you will have access to for 30 days. After which we delete all data and files which you have provided for your service. This allows us to create completely unique and custom music cuts.

How to choose gymnastics music?

The music length is based on the level the athlete is in. You can check out our music rules guide to learn complete details for music lengths and common penalties.

We recommend choosing the music in cooperation with your coach/trainer. Other factors that you should take into account is the routine style and performance ability of the athlete. A fast paced song can make it difficult for lower levels or beginners to keep up with elements and will result with a lower score, due to penalties. Music that is chosen strategically will help athletes perform routines where they can show off their strengths and minimize penalties. 

Is the music I send you licensed for events?

Unless you have purchased music that came with performance rights license we do not provide the license. If you are interested in obtaining a performance rights license for your event, Jenerg as a separate service can check our partners repository to see if we can obtain the license for you can email us at to discuss further details.

Refunds/ Order Cancellations

Unfortunately we do not provide refunds for work that has begun or has finished. If you do not like your music cuts please reach out to us to let us know your concerns. We ask you to be as detailed as possible with your work requests to avoid future issues. Orders that are cancelled 48 hours prior to work request are subject to 25% Order Cancellation fee. 


By using Jenerg’s music cutting service you are agreeing that all the work you are provided has been legally obtained and that the buyer of this service is responsible for seeking and obtaining all licensing that is required. The service we provide is for PERSONAL USE ONLY.  For any events the buyer is responsible for obtaining the Public Performance License. We are not responsible for any possible legal repercussions that are the results of you failing to obtain proper licensing. 

Most Common Music Licenses

Mechanical License

A mechanical license is needed if you plan to cover, reproduce, or choose selected elements of copy written work. To obtain a mechanical license you must get in touch with the copyright holder(s) or their representatives. They are usually paid per copy of song distributed. You can learn more about a mechanical license here. We do not sell the music and always delete and files provided by our clients after the work has been completed. If you play to do use the music in this fashion you are responsible for obtaining this type of license.

Performance rights License

If you plan to use copyrighted work to play the song in public or at an event, you will need to obtain a public performance license. This gives the owner of the establishment the capability to legally use the song in gyms, competitions, restaurants, etc. You can obtain these performance rights license through BMI, SESAC, or ASCAP. These companies combined hold about 95% of the worlds songs in their repository. You can also contact us to seek additional services to help you obtain a license for your event. 

Synchronization License

If you plan to use copyrighted music in a video format like youtube, film, or dvd you must obtain a synchronization license. Basic steps involve contacting the owner of the sound recording (artists record label)  and the owner of the composition (songwriters publisher) and negotiate the terms with them. An easier and cheaper method is to go through companies that have already obtained the proper licenses and to work with the songs they have in their repository. Additionally some companies will choose to work with a cover band that has the proper licensing to save on costs. 


Unless you own the right to the music file or have obtained the proper licenses and contracts from the copyright holders/ publishers you cannot legally share/distribute the copyrighted work. Ripping music from Youtube/ and other video sites are not a legal manner of obtaining copy written work and in many cases can result in legal repercussion. The most popular places to purchase music are on Amazon Music or Itunes